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Our native knowledge provides a better experience

All of our tour guides were raised in La Rioja, so we can take you wherever you want in the region on a tour designed just for you.

Our one day tours start in the Rioja Wine Country between 9am & 9:30am and end between 6pm & 6:30pm.

Our guides know La Rioja’s history as a whole, so we can go off script and create the best Rioja wine tours and most authentic local experiences just for you!

Our Best-Selling Rioja Wine Tours:

Most of our guests love to do our exclusive Full Day Rioja Like A Native Wine Tour, but we can also Customize your Wine Tour with your favorite places in Rioja.

Just tell us your idea and we will plan the best Rioja wine tours for you.

Learn our fascinating 2,000 year winemaking tradition of our region, in just one-day!

We will take you to one of the oldest wineries of Rioja, from the 16th century, where the wine that drank our ancestors is still made, and you will see how modern wine is made today, learning in detail the aging process in the different oak barrels. Immerse yourself “like a native”, eating our traditional Riojan food with the wine that only the locals drink, and visit one of our vineyards to learn about the most important element to make our famous wines: the Vines!

From 140 Euros/Person

best Rioja wine tours

Customized Wine Tour

Design your own experience, let´s visit your favourite winery and taste their fantastic wines!

You will be able to appreciate the ancient underground cellars of the modest wine producers, and also the amazing architecture of the most emblematic wineries of the region designed by the most prestigious architects of the world. Lunch in a winery is a great experience to pair their wines with their signature cuisine. Tell us about your favourite winery and we will do the rest, meet the producers and learn about their secrets!

From 160 Euros/Person

Rioja: More than wine!

Explore Rioja in a different way, go on a Horseback Ride or do a Bike Tour through the vineyards, but definitely you cannot miss the Balloon Flight, one of the best experiences you can have in our sea of vineyards, specially in Fall.

We are now offering a combination of these Activities together with our Wine Tours in one day, check the options and we will suggest our best Rioja wine tours for you!

Hot Air Ballooning

Top once-in-a-lifetime activity in one of the best places in the world, over its amazing vineyards and mountains!

Discover the fascinating “world of wine” in a different way, flying over the vineyards on a Hot Air Ballooning in Rioja. We will fly the Rioja wine capital and its region, next to the Ebro river, one of the best areas in Spain to enjoy balloon rides.

From 120 Euros/Person

Horseback Riding

The most authentic and original way to enjoy the incomparable landscape of the most famous wine region in Spain!

You will do a horseback riding surrounded by the beauty of the sea of vineyards that surrounds the Rioja region, and by its fantastic nature, exploring our land in the most natural way: on horseback, an experience you will never forget.

From 50 Euros/Person

Wine Country Bike Tour

Enjoy our land, our vineyards and wineries, and stop at the different points of the route to admire and enjoy nature!

You will take a tour, carefully planned to make the most of an unforgettable route through the incomparable setting of Rioja vineyards, and along the way you will enjoy the visit of two very different wineries with wine tasting in each of them.

From 30 Euros/Person

Our Rioja Tours for Lovers of Good Food & Wine

For all the people who love our ancient culture, enjoy the local gastronomy paired with our best Rioja wines, please choose the activity you would love to do and we will design the best Rioja wine tours for you.

Be a Winemaker for a day

Live the whole process, from the vineyards to the bottle!

We will meet the vine-grower to visit the vineyards and you will also be able to participate doing the task at that particular time, such as pruning and harvesting.
You will later go to the cellar and experience first-hand the process involved in elaborating wine, from the moment the grapes come into the cellar until the wine is bottled by you.

From 15 Euros/Person

Logroño City Tour

Discover the capital of La Rioja, preserved since the Middle Ages!

Situated on the banks of the Ebro river, Logroño is the largest and most dynamic town in La Rioja. It is an ancient walled town with notable landmarks, elegant shops, restaurants, bars and historical attractions to satisfy the most demanding of visitors, very rich in history and traditions. It is simply a must-visit destination for any wine lover and foodie.

From 30 Euros/Person

Tapas – Pintxo Tour

The best place to learn the Spanish culture of tapas and pintxos!

We will go to the historic quarter of Logroño and walk the streets which have a wealth of tapas bars where the natives go to relax and enjoy the best of the local cuisine and a glass of Rioja, where the best white and red wines are waiting to be enjoyed. Discover for yourself not only the wines and tapas but also the incredible atmosphere and allow us to show you our culture “like a native”.

From 70 Euros/Person

Multi-day Tours of Northern Spain

For those who want to visit more than a region in their trip to Spain, we have designed a multi-day tour: MadridRibera del Duero Wine Region – Rioja Wine Region – Basque Country (Bilbao and San Sebastian) – Catalonia (Barcelona, Priorat Wine Region, Penedès Cava Region and Monastery of Montserrat).

You can also do a 1-day tour from Rioja, or visit Rioja from one of the regions you are staying, just tell us your idea and we will plan the best tours for you.

Best Rioja Wine Tours - Be a winemaker with our rioja tours and visit the most popular wineries

Ribera del Duero

Discover the magic of wine in Ribera del Duero, one of the most famous wine regions in Spain, and don’t loose its famous Roasted Suckling Lamb in the Wood-Fired Oven!

Best Rioja Wine Tours - Do you like Rioja Wine ? You can travel and taste it in our private tours

San Sebastian

Enjoy this city by the sea, with an amazing historic center and one of the best places in the world to eat its exquisite tapas or pintxos accompanied by local wine!

Best Rioja Wine Tours - Architecture Wine Tour - Visit the most popular wineries


Visit Bilbao, one of the most avant-garde cities in Spain and get lost in the traditional flavor of its old town, full of charming streets and bars full of delicious pintxos!

Best Rioja Wine Tours - Do you like Rioja Wine ? You can travel and taste it in our private tours

Penedès & Montserrat

Learn how the famous sparkling wines (cava) of the Penedès region are produced and be moved by fascinating myths about the magical Montserrat mountain and monastery!

Best Rioja Wine Tours - Be a winemaker with our rioja tours and visit the most popular wineries

The City of Barcelona

Selected the third most beautiful city in the world and one of the trendiest European capitals, is open to the Mediterranean sea and famous for Gaudí and his modernist architecture!

Best Rioja Wine Tours - Architecture Wine Tour - Visit the most popular wineries

Priorat Wine Region

Fall in love with the Priorat, a very ancient and surprising DOCa wine region, with its amazing terraced vineyards, medieval villages and spectacular scenery!

Do a day tour with us, from our neighbouring cities!

Although we are based in the Rioja Wine Country, we can pick you up where you are staying in the Rioja region or even in other neighbouring cities, such as Bilbao, San Sebastian, Ribera del Duero, Vitoria, Pamplona, … Do not miss the opportunity to take our best Rioja wine tours, visit our region and taste its famous wine. We will plan the best route for a day tour.


Visit La Rioja from anywhere in northern Spain, and you will discover a region of great beauty and tradition.

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Best Rioja Wine Tours - Rioja Wine Tours from Bilbao

Rioja Wine Tour from Bilbao


La Rioja, its wine, its gastronomy, its history … are closer than you imagine. Discover it !

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Best Rioja Wine Tours - Rioja Wine Tours from San Sebastian

Rioja Wine Tour from San Sebastian