Rioja Wine Club

    1.- Choose your desired Wine Package or tell us the wines you are interested in.

    2.- We will send you the availability with prices.

    3.- When you are ready, pay by credit card and you will enjoy the wines at your home in just a few days.

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Rioja Wine Club

1.- Choose your desired Wine Package or tell us the wines you are interested in.

2.- We will send you the availability with prices. 3.- When you are ready, pay by credit card and you will enjoy the wines at your home in just a few days.

Rioja Wine Club

The Rioja wine packages will be delivered to your home, in your country, with all shipping expenses and taxes included in the price of the package!

Because of the COVID19 pandemic and the travel restrictions, some of our clients have asked us to come up with Rioja wine packages to send to their countries, so we had the idea of developing a few Rioja Wine Packages for our customers pleasure, and also for those who could not come to Rioja. These packages consist of boxes of six bottles of wine from the DOCA Rioja that represent a great value for the quality and will be delivered to your doorstep. You can choose to buy just one, or any one of them, in any combination; even if you are interested in getting some Spanish wine, we will try our best to find it just for you!

Our great working relationship with dozens of wineries provides the most exclusive Rioja wines

We have personally talked to the winemakers and they have suggested for your enjoyment the best Rioja Wine Packages selection of wines from their cellars, some of these are wines made from their oldest vines and others are from their best plots, creating a great selection of different wines that represent the wide variety of wines produced in Rioja, some of them are classic Rioja wines and many others are exclusive signature wines impossible to find outside the winery.

Countries we ship to:

We can ship the Rioja Wine Packages, with no restrictions, to the following countries:

For any other country, please ask us and we will give you the different options with prices.

Price includes:

It is very important for you to know that everything is included on the price, so you will have to pay nothing when you receive your Rioja Wine Packages at your home.

Price includes:

  • Six bottles of wine
  • International shipping cost and delivery at your home
  • Customs charges
  • Duties and Taxes
  • Special Packaging
  • Door to door service

Rioja Wine Packages

As you will see below, many of these wineries are very small family wineries that make excellent wines that are not exported, and others are large wineries that you can find in your country but at a higher price.

This is a very unique opportunity that you cannot miss, order now your Rioja Wine Packages!

Rioja Wine Packages

Tempranillo Selection

Package #1

On our tour you learned that Tempranillo is the main grape of the Rioja Region because it is perfectly suited for making young wines as well as the classic aged wines. Our first package is a selection of 3 excellent Crianzas made from 100% Tempranillo grapes aged for a minimum of one year in a barrel and then one year in the bottle. these represent Rioja wines that are well balanced and pair with great food.

Garnacha Selection

Package #2

Our second package, is a great selection of 3 bottles of my favorite variety in Rioja, 100% Garnacha grapes, the second most grown variety in Rioja. These grapes produce wines that are very aromatic, elegant, rounded, velvety and with very fine tannins.

Monovarietal Selection

Package #3

Our third package, is a selection of 6 different Monovarietal wines, that includes 2 whites; Viura and White Tempranillo and 4 reds; Tempranillo, Garnacha and Graciano and Maturana. When you taste these wines, you will experience the most important grape varieties of Rioja.

Rioja Wine Packages

Signature Selection

Package #4

Our fourth package consists of 3 of the best wines from 3 different wineries, where the winemaker creates his magic to make a signature wine that reflects the typical style of the person who made it and makes the best from the most exclusive grapes he owns.

Rioja Wine Packages

Classic & Modern Selection

Package #5

Our fifth package consist of 6 bottles from 3 wineries representing the Rioja Region. One bottle of a Modern and one bottle of a Classic wine from each winery. From this you can discover the surprising differences between the 2 different styles.

Tempranillo & Garnacha

Package #6

This is a combination of the 2 previous packages with 3 bottles of Tempranillo and 3 bottles of Garnacha wines, so you can enjoy and compare the amazing differences between the 2 varieties.

Gran Reserva Selection

Package #7

Rioja is known all over the world for its classic wines. Gran Reserva is considered the top of the line with regard to the aging process and made only on excellent harvest years, from the best grapes. Our eighth package includes a selection of 3 very different Gran Reservas to be enjoyed on special occasions or a very fine meal.

Rioja Wine Packages

Vertical Tasting Selection

Package #8

We are very happy to inform you that Bodegas Marques de Murrieta is offering us this exclusive Rioja Wine Package, the “Vertical Tasting Selection“, from 2012 to 2017. This is a very exclusive experience, tasting the same wine from the same winery from several different harvests!

Blind Wine Tasting Selection

Package #0

We have selected one of the most classic wines (almost 20 years old wine) and one of the most modern style wine (one of my favorite wine in Rioja). Enjoy this great selection of the 2 different wines styles of Rioja, with a blind tasting!: